If Tim Ferriss Had Not Published Any More

I would miss him.

Seth Godin wrote several articles about – If you stopped being around tomorrow, who would miss you? Would we miss you?

Here is an article by Angelica Nohra about the same topic, it seems to have affected her greatly. Who would miss you if you were gone?

From another Seth article:

What if you stopped?

What would happen to your audience if you shut the doors tomorrow? (I know what would happen to you, that’s not my question… what would happen to them?)

What would happen to your customers and to your prospects if you stopped doing your work?

If you stopped showing up, if you stopped selling them something, would they miss you if you were gone?

If the airline went away, we’d just find another airline. If the cookie cutter politician went away, we’d just vote for someone else. If the typical life insurance agent…

Does it matter if it’s you doing the work?

I remember first reading these articles from Seth and remembering about how wild it was. The idea that someone could stop doing something and strangers would miss them. I’ve never met almost all the people I’ve follow online, and I would miss them if they stopped shipping their work.

Surely some people would miss me if I stopped doing what I do now. In many different respects. This doesn’t mean the person died or fell off the face of the Earth. It just means that if they stopped producing content/contributions/gifts/outputs for the world and their audience, they would be missed.

I would be missed.

And on what scale? I love scale. Scale is crucially important to always keep in the back of your mind. Getting more scale or understanding the scale at which you wish to operate. Do you want to be local? Do you want to be national? Internationally known and revered?

What does it take to get you there? What would it take in sacrifice? In effort and conduct for yourself? What would it take and are you willing to invest that into the venture?

Great questions.

Here’s some of the people I would miss…

Tim Ferriss… I would miss that guy’s stuff. Seriously. Especially his podcast and a metric ton else. He’s a person I follow, that I like, that I see and emulate in ways and who teaches me. With that value, he would be missed.

Ryan Holiday, stoic writer and philosopher and teacher, he is a pretty cool guy. I look forward to his book recommendations and his new projects. I would miss him.

Toby LaVigne. This is my mentor and friend. He’s guided me on some wild self realization and growth over the last 5+ years at the time of writing this post. And he’s a scholar and gentleman. Someone who is impacting the world greatly! With Vaikido and the Heropreneur Show!

Brian Rose, I’ve recently been listening to and watching his content, great stuff!

Dan Peña, the 50 Billion Dollar Man – I’ve written much about him and his principles! iTunes

There are more, I won’t be getting into them. This list isn’t comprehensive it’s more to show an example… There is significance in what people do.

There is significance in what we all do. And as we get bigger, we go harder and farther, we become more involved and more excited and more emotionally connected and committed, things are probably going to get amazingly better.

We’ve got to make impact. I don’t know anyone at the core of themselves doesn’t want to at least make a little impact. It brings in a bunch of good feelings and meaning to our lives.

And that impact is not only on others, impacting ourselves is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves. We learn, grow, discover and experience great things! Imperative to our success!

Be great. Do great things. Publish and talk and impact people. And never stop!

Enjoy your day,

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