YouTube Learning you can learn anything on YouTube just YouTube It

The Power of YouTube Learning

YouTube Learning you can learn anything on YouTube just YouTube ItOk… We all need to know this…

You can learn ANYTHING YOU WANT on YouTube… ANYTHING…from picking locks to how to’s on tying a tie, flying a kite, making rice, setting up WordPress to dating advice… really there is just about anything you want on there.

My point is that with the wealth of knowledge that is at our fingertips, we as learners should be accessing and using this information to the best of our abilities. Rather than sitting there thinking… “how can I do this?” Just immediately go to YouTube and check for a video tutorial.

We all know how much easier it is to learn from a video rather than from an article, blog post, or book… Therefore, use what is easily and readily accessible and also something that you will enjoy learning from …

Check out this great article from Mashable on 8 Essential Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube

ps. Make sure to actually use the things you learn on the internet as well. I see, and have been enthralled into, the distraction that sites like YouTube can be. Don’t get all caught up in watching cat videos or browsing pics or the next search result in the list just for the sake of clicking. There is a purpose to why you are on the internet Googling and YouTubing things… The reason is: TO LEARN.

We all get sidetracked… Just be conscious of the things that sidetrack you and be sure to make them few and far between. Set a time for work and a time for play. I find a great way to do this is with a reward system. Once I finish a large portion of work, a piece to a project or hit some sort of milestone, I then sit back and reward based upon the level of accomplishment in the preceding task. I also base it upon the day and the mood I happen to be in… It may be a meal, a workout, a little catch up on Breaking Bad or whatever else I’m feeling.

My point here is to put work in and learn what you need to learn in order to keep moving the line forward in your life and in your business. These are essential to making what you want out of your life and your efforts into a reality that you are living in on a daily basis.

“Chains of Habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” – Warren Buffet: Investor, Billionaire, and Philanthropist



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