Never Listen to What Other People Say is Hard or Difficult

Never Listen to The Naysayer

Someone once told me that creating HTML ads was hard. Like a clickable banner or picture that you create to put on Craigslist and what not. And it wasn’t that they directly told me that it was “hard” but rather the implication coming from a trusted source about the level of difficulty totally deterred me from pursuing the endeavor.

I just wrote it off as a “waste of effort” and never went to figure out how to do it.

Now I’m no graphic artist or designer, but I can figure out a thing or two when I want and/or need to. So some months later another friend of mine told me to use these image ads on Craigslist. I didn’t know how to put them together, but I just kept my mouth shut and knew I would figure it out.

Figure It Out For Yourself

Enter YouTube (and you can learn about how I figure things out on YouTube in that linked post right there).

In about 10 minutes I knew how to host the image, sub in the link for my web link, have it display in the right size using Photobucket and everything was good to go. I had the ad up in less than a half hour.

The Lesson In This

The Act of NOT pursuing a particular course of action due to an opinion, can be deadly. I spent months not figuring this 10 minute problem out and it could have had dramatic impact on other things I was doing at the time. What is to be taken away from this example is how easy it can be to attach yourself to the status quo, to the “overall idea” of what is difficult and what is worth your time.

Examples and Great Stories

I just was reading an article from Neil Patel on Kissmetrics about Elon Musk, big time entrepreneur, visionary, and gave some of the best advice I’ve ever heard on Foundation with Kevin Rose, ‘always take criticism from everyone, don’t listen to your friends, listen to those who could see you fail’. I’m paraphrasing there, but it was awesome to hear that!

What he did with X.com that became Paypal is pretty amazing to me and is an example where he went and filled a hole in the business services world that paid off huge for him and the rest of the world. I’m sure there were people who said, “what the hell are you doing that for?” or implied that an undertaking of that direction was something to be avoided. Look at him now. Big deal what those other people said. Take it from someone who lost out on a small scale thing like online free ads, there is a lot to be learned when you just go and do, rather than sit and listen.

In Conclusion

Do not let others make your decisions for you, consciously or subconsciously. Watch for what your mind just accepts and what you allow to influence your pursuits. As an entrepreneur, as business person, an employee, a whatever you are, you should be focused on what you believe and what you can imagine you can do in the world. Then go out and do it rather than waiting around or taking someone else’s advisement whether overt or subverted as the go to plan of action or inaction.

Take action and Seth Godin says, Make Things Happen! Never Avoid Hubris!


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