A Manager’s Guide To Saving An Employee

What is the current state of affairs? Over half of the workforce is disengaged at some level (Source). They say at least a certain amount of people are totally disengaged with what they are doing as far as work is concerned. They just don’t want to be there, and for whatever reason, they are still there.

I have always supported two possible solutions for this problem:

  1. Fire their ass to the curb and get someone new – this is important and I put it first because this is how I am many times. If the person is cancerous and cannot be saved (which this is an instantaneous decision usually, do you want to try and save them or do you deem them a lost cause that must be released to the wild?) they should be fired immediately and the poisoning/bleeding stopped quickly and completely.
  2. Save them and Train Them – this is more of a labor of love in a way, and something where you can pour value onto someone and they will achieve to a new level. Look to the criteria above for figuring out if this person is “save worthy” and if they are, what you should do is enact this rule, rule #2, in order to save them

So Two rules for running your business, your crew, your staff, Your Beastmode Crush/Kill It Team…

I would say this, everyone can be saved… With the right “come to Jesus” talk, anyone can get the picture and get in line. Or they will just get out because they will realize it’s not a fit anymore. What they will also realize is what the tone is, the environment, the pace and the expectations. If they can rise to the challenge, they’ll know and they’ll stay. If not, they will usually walk, or give them a purposeful shove.

And this article is about getting people in line, not reinventing the wheel or going to some new woo woo heights where we all sing songs and sit in a circle legs folded over one another and holding hands… no, this is not that article nor is this the publication for that type of support. Look elsewhere. Here we’re talking about Beastmode, and yes, it takes some nurture of course, once you’ve realized nurture is well worth the effort.

Alright, Rule #2, Save Em and Train Em – Here’s the highlights

  • Evaluate your people and see what they want – Find out motivations, reasons, why’s, purposes, intentions, etc. Make it real for them whenever possible.
  • Find Out How they can get it through working for and with you – Relate what they want to success in the job/position/endeavor/undertaking. Enroll them.
  • Be an/the Example to them – It comes from the leader and all the way down, not from the bottom up.
  • Help Them – This is the big one here, you have got to help them and each other. As leaders, help the ones you lead. As a leader, help other leaders. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Support Them when they want to leave (promotion or resignation) – If they grow beyond the position, promote or lateral move to another company or opportunity. Simple and supportive!

I say each other and focus on team here because I don’t know who you are reading this article. I am not sure of the station in life which you have managed to achieve. What I am sure of is that you are learning something. And I want you to take away this – make yourself and others better through your work, whether you are an example of exemplary behavior or you are a teacher of some sort know how to do the damn thing; go and get it done.

You may have heard the phrase “you have got to grow where you are planted”

Well that’s true, you do, and you can always get repotted by someone into new soil, in a bigger pot, in a different area of the garden or the world for that matter. But remember this: as you go, you grow, and you decided the direction of that growth through your actions in every minute. It is all a choice to you how you act and react.

Whether you want to be saved or you are doing the saving. It is all always a choice. Remember this!

So as we look at implementing Rule #2, you may or may not have the power to implement on/with another person, so remember you can always implement this on yourself. Let us go deeper.

Evaluate: Always be evaluating 2 things, yourself and your people around you. You are letting them be around you, you are choosing that, so make sure you are evaluating how they are doing and performing. Watch closely and objectively. Don’t be over analytical and also do not overlook things that are glaring issues.

If you see issues. Address them. If there is a great thing happening, reinforce it and focus on that strength. When people succeed, hold them up and show what success looks like and understand it for yourself, the team and the individual and watch your people and how they succeed or fail.

Find Out How: Here you want to look at how people can get to where they want to go in life, short term or long term (which will change and modify and get lost and then found again etc) while also seeing where you want to go in life as the leader. I’m talking directly to you.

In this moment, where are you? How is your plan coming along? Do you have a plan? Where will you be in a decade? Are your eyes on the horizon? Are your shoulders squared up? Are you moving forward, onward and upward? What’s your future? Do you see it? What does it look like? Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are the people you love?

Answer these questions for yourself and do not be afraid to ask them of others. You would be surprised how many people are not contemplating these things and then you will be even more surprised at who is blown away, taken aback or otherwise stunned by your line of thinking and questioning. Try it. I dare you! Then make use of these are motivators, visions, goals and dreams for your people. Grow them in the mindset of achievement, accomplishment and satisfaction in their lives.

Be The Example: Exemplary attitude, action and outlook. Be an example for yourself first and then that will be shown to others. You have heard that people watch what you do and do not listen to what you say. That is because the age old adage “Actions Speak Louder than Words” is absolutely an adage because it is an age old TRUTH.

The more you listen to what people say the less you see what they actually do and how they become great or become losers. And it doesn’t take any effort to become a loser. So you’re going to have to work here. And work smart as well as hard. People see examples both good and bad. And you can lose credibility in an instant with anyone with a wrong move while taking years to build up to that point of being taken seriously or trusted.

The loss of trust or credibility is not a zero sum game. We can ask for forgiveness, we can explain and we can save face or regain our standing by being honest, of integrity and grit. We got this, and we have to show people that perfection is not the goal, success, accomplishment and satisfaction are the goals.

Note: Do not build yourself up to please others. Build yourself up to please yourself and not at the expense of others or yourself. To know you have the inner strength and fortitude to make the worst outcome and possibility a livable situation. You can strive through with self confidence and inward self reliance that you have built up an internal reserve to weather the worst that life, chance and circumstance can produce while continuing onward, upward and forward for your own personal success. Build for you and others will get the benefits along with yourself as you lead them and be a shining example.

Help Them: Always help when you can. You don’t have to bend over backwards all the time, but bend a little at least. Go above and beyond whenever you can. No one gets anywhere doing just the minimums not to get fired. If you do that you get rule #1 HARD. I fire those people. I have fired those people so fast and I actually smile when I do the firing. I come back and I breath a sigh of relief. I know the poison that is in them and if you are one of those people who are reading this right now, you had better smarten up and straighten up. NOW!

This world is no longer accepting tickets purchased at the old bare minimum pricing. You have to pay up and pay up good with: Hard and Smart work. Dedication. Focus. Clarity. An Understanding, Curiosity and a Thirst for Knowledge. Being a Multi-Threat in the Marketplace. Excellence. A Brass Ring Mentality. An Obstacle Is The Way Mentality.

I could go on an on. The bottom line is this: Help when you can.

It might even hurt you sometimes. You might miss a meal, an outing with friends, your favorite show, time at the gym, time with your spouse or your kids, but seriously…

Get into some serious Beastmode Mentality here and go for the top. Not at the expense of others but through your own personal achievements, the laser like focus you can bring to achieving your future, and helping those who are in the Rule #2 Save Em category. Be that leader and lead from these 5 steps.

Support Them: Especially when they want to leave. When employees are ready to “go” whatever that means, it’s time for you to support them in what that means for them. And for yourself when it is time for you to go. You might see you have to move to a new company, start your own venture and give less time to your job or friends or family, in order to get to where you see yourself in life.

Do it. Understand it, understand why and see how, and take the leap. Just don’t leap to your death and do not let someone else who is less experienced leap to their death either. Be the sheepdog for your people and take care of them. Strengthen and support their development and growth.

This is where team comes into play. If you keep an employee just because they sell a lot and make you money or they do a ton of work for you and it will make things harder for you if they leave. Then you’re  a bad leader and lazy, point blank. In that scenario you are trying to extinguish a star. Good luck and I mean that with the utmost sarcasm.

In other words if you don’t support others and their success in whatever way that is meant for them, you need to reevaluate back up a step, and start being a better example of integrity, which is what this is all about. Not a miser of talent and but a refiner, developer and harvester of talent.

Rule #2 – Save Em!

  • Evaluate for why, motivations, reasons.
  • Find out how they get what they want, working with you!
  • Be an/the example as the leader and lead!
  • Help them actively to grow and achieve.
  • Support them as they grow and if they want to leave or move up!

Enjoy your day,

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