Go For The Gusto

I love this saying. It’s something my mother used to tell me when we would talk about life and success.
She would tell me “go for the gusto, if you’re gonna go for it!”
This is epic advice and definitely something to heed. Not only heed, but focus on and acknowledge and understand. You should always be striving. One MUST always be striving and making things happen! There is no point in only doing things half way, in only going for it a little bit.
Just go for it and do it up! GO for it and really do things that matter, things that excite and surprise you and things that are going to excite and surprise others. Expect greatness and expect that you will succeed!
It means go for the top most level, the highest possible reach. Really do it, if you’re choosing to do it. Whatever “it” happens to be. Do the thing to the utmost of your ability.
When we choose to undertake something, it serves us best to do it to the utmost of our ability and beyond. Grow with the new things we are involving ourselves in and do them to a level of excellence.
And excellence is not subjective. It can’t be subjective and open to interpretations and meanings. Excellence is excellence.
Plain and simple.
Being the best possible. And if your best isn’t that great in the undertaking you’ve stepped into. Then you either switch to something else or get better.
I would not ever advise to settle for sub par or mediocre performance. Choose where you can apply a strong and meaningful effort and choose wisely. Think beforehand then implement and execute.
Get out there and truly strive. Then achieve what it is you want. There is always a way that things can get achieved whether you do it, someone supports you in completing the task or it’s just totally outside the box.
It’s how bad you want the gusto thay really makes the difference.
Get out there and go for it!!!
Enjoy your day,
PS. Think of Jocko Willink…

War against ignorance, weakness and confusion. Delivering knowledge, strength and clarity.
The path of fire and adversity, blood and sweat and suffering. The preeminent path of discipline that leads to freedom.
The War Path in the end leads to peace because of everything the War Path is.

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