Everyone Should Steal Everything

The use of others’ ideas and intellectual property is a touchy subject. Have you ever had that “idea” and then 2 weeks later, after you did nothing with it, you see someone else has already produced your idea. Now obviously they didn’t produce your invention or your software, your website or whatever, in that two week period. Impossible and not possible.

What they did do; they moved ahead with an idea from inception to perception to finished product. They went through the steps of bringint he idea from just an idea to an actual workable and usable product. Herein lies a major difference between anyone who can take a hot shower and come up with the next greatest toothbrush, and someone who can go out and drive that idea home and into a money producing powerhouse of a company.

Two totally different things, wouldn’t you agree.

So where does this stealing everything come into play. Let’s look at the amount of ideas that have been produced versus the amount of products out there. By the previous condition stated, just about anyone has had an idea [multiplied by 7 billion individuals on the planet and that’s a lot of ideas] but the amount of ideas that have been driven past the idea phase are far fewer. Therefore, it would behoove someone who hears a great idea or sees one or can make a great idea better, to go out and make it happen. Partner with someone, partner with the idea creator, make it work and make them work and you work and put some boots on the ground and some noses on some grindstones and get in there and make something happen! FAST! Because before you’re done discussing how you’ll chop up the millions that you are about to make, someone is going to drive by you waving around your idea in real world format! Don’t let that happen!

Be the developer, the beta, the testing unit, the working unit, the production unit, the think tank, the tank, the bank and fill whatever other roles you must in order to produce and ship your product and make a difference in your life, the lives of others and the world for that matter. Big or small, what you do is what you did is what someone else did not. Those who get what others won’t, do so because they did what other don’t.

This is a major point to take home. Everyone should steal everything and make it better! Make it bigger, faster stronger and more durable, more reliable, produce it at less expense, with higher quality and in more quantity. Take it to a different market, repurpose it for a different use and upon doing so, make your fortune. Do not steal for the sake of stealing. Do so to make something better to make it more so more can have rather than have not.

There is a lot to be learned from examples like Einstein. Taking people’s work to the next level and making more from what had already been accomplished. Never be afraid to challenge the purpose of a thing, to look beyond what it has done or has been and see it for what it could be and can do. Take things to that next level and innovate, steal if you must and attribute the right people and get out there and make things happen!

Go and Do!

Go and Do!

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