Derek Sivers and Tim Ferriss notes

The standard pace is for chumps
Kemo Williams
Compressed 4 years of learning into a 4 lessons
Tarleton – hot lady from the circus
Awesome confidence builder – internalized it
Contact the department head and take the final and then read the book the homework.
Get credit without taking the course
Constant questioning of how to do things. More efficiently and better
Relaxing for the same result
The bicycle story – super type a personality
25 mile bike path. Go end to end push as hard as he could.
Always 43 minutes round trip
Starting to fee less psyched going out on the bike path. Felt like pain and hard work over time. Negative association
Go on same ride. And go at half pace
It was pleasant it was only 45 minutes
Life changer
Red face and stress and huffing and puffing – worth only 2 minutes
Apply most of the lesson. – do things but stop before things get stressful
How do you remind yourself of this ?
– notice the pain – mostly psychic pain. Doing what you don’t want.
Cd baby
The survivor ship bias
The home runs
Hell yeah or no essay
“Fuck yeah, or no” if you’re feeling anything less that FUCK YEAH then just say no
We can’t let little mediocre things fill our lives
You must have the time for the omg Fuck yeah things
Teach people the philosophy and why and what I am saying and why I am saying it and have them write it down
Teach everything
Plain text file of notes and review them
Internalize things
Anki – means rote memorization in Japanese
Book suggestions
Compressed wisdom into several directives
— how to be useful to others
1. Get famous – do everything in public and for the public. The more people you reach the more useful you are. The opposite is hiding which is of no use to anyone
2. Get rich – money is neutral proof that you’re adding value to people’s lives
3. Share strong opinions –
4. Be expensive – people given placeabo pill got twice the effects of a pill they were told was expensive vs a cheap version
How to thrive in an unknowable future
Prepare for the worst. You have no idea what the future will bring. Don’t obsess just prepare
Expect disaster. Completely assume disaster will happen. Plan accordingly. Expect it all could disappear
Own as little as possible. Depends on even less
Choose opportunity not loyalty. Opportunist. Inbound by the past. Loyalty
Choose the plan with the best options.
Avoid planning. For max options don’t plan at all. Wait until the last moment to make a decision.
Yup this is all going to disappear. Not doom and gloom. Not eeyore. Just knowing.
Created a lot of appreciation.
Practical pessimism
Don’t be brainwashed into looking at things with rose colored glasses
Punchline to the directives.
What to do. Every sentence being actionable
How to stop being rich and happy :
Prioritize lifestyles design it’s all about you know. Shape your surrounding. Make
Chase the comparison moment
Happiness is only in be moment of comparison between old and new
Most suffering comes from the focus on the self. On me. If you’re having trouble making yourself happy or feeling happy then make someone else happy.
Go first. Be first. Be the first to smile. To initiate.
Look at 4 star reviews.
Most helpful critical reviews of 3-4 star on Amazon
Then the public reviews
Geek in Japan by Hector Garcia – understand the mindset of a place

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